Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lazy Sunday

Got up and out on the early side for a Sunday, especially considering I was out later than usual Saturday night.  Being an active mom of  two and a business owner, I don't usually go out and "party" on the weekends. But I had the chance to go to a bar in the (Culver) city and meet one of my favorite bloggers, Brittany Gibbons, and humorous erotica author Alice Clayton while they were out here in L.A. filming a TV Pilot called "Have Boobs Will Travel" fun right?  So I couldn't pass that up.

Still got in my 2 hour/10 miler with the help of the new e+ energy shot and Want More Energy drink.  Stretched then had the French Vanilla Shake and 1/2 a banana. I love the natural energy and nutrition that Isagenix gives me on my runs.  I have been trying to utilize the product like serious athletes use them to improve my personal performance.  Hopefully I'll see results by way of a PR at the Surf City Half Marathon on Superbowl Sunday morning!

Lunch was a Morningstar Farms Veggie Patty burger on my homemade whole wheat bread with Dijon, Swiss, avocado, lettuce and tomato and a handful of baby carrots. YUM
I was lucky to get accepted as a BzzAgent and received a coupon to try one of Morningstar Farms products for free.  I love having quick easy lunch items onhand as I work from home and preparing healthy meals on a busy day can sometimes be challenging (I am NOT a lunchmeat on bread kind of gal)

I had made a big pot of soup for dinner so all we had to do was heat that up come dinnertime, and that was good as I needed some chill time to recover from my long run (and watch the NFL playoffs of course!)

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