Sunday, January 13, 2013

Long Run

Today's scheduled run was 9 miles. I planned to do in the afternoon once it warmed up a bit but when I woke up and started thinking about all the things I needed to do today I knew I better get my butt up and out the door ASAP. I usually fuel up with an Isalean shake and IsaGreens after taking an ounce of Ionix Supreme but after reading on the IsaAthletes page that most people do their shake post run I decided to have a banana and coffee (after my Ionix) and I brought water, Want More Energy and 2 packets of Island Boost in my fuel belt.
Lilly was so excited to go! I leashed her up and we headed out at 8:15. I wasn't sure on my route yet. I was considering dropping her off at the house after 5 miles then doing the rest solo, but at some point I decided on an out and back route. Her longest run with me prior to today was 8 miles but since it was so cool out this morning (I think it was still in the 30s!) I went the full 9 with her and she finished strong-actually we both could have kept going a fee more miles I think. I did my shake post run.
I'm feeling really good about Surf City in 3 weeks after such a strong run today. I didn't hydrate and fuel properly in Long Beach last October so mile 9 I hit a wall but I didn't feel even close to that today.
I'm excited to try out the new e+ product Isagenix just introduced-an all natural energy drink/supplement and will continue to try and fully utilize all the products during my training. Please message me if you'd like more information on Isagenix for cleansing, weight loss or just general well-being.

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