Saturday, March 23, 2013

Race update

I just finished my 6th race this year, and set another new PR for the 5K distance.  It's a fast course that attracts a lot of local class runners, so when I looked up my age group and saw me there #5 on the leaderboard it was so exciting, especially when I didn't even feel especially fast or strong today but I think the e+shot kicked in around mile 1.5 and I pushed it!  Time to review my training plans and keep at the strength training I added to my weekly routine last month.  I also started going to yoga again last week and hope to keep that up.  I have to believe every little bit is working as my times continue to improve and I have great recovery (I credit Isagenix products for that a LOT)
I set a date too to hit the books.  When the kids go back to school on 4/8 after Spring break let the studying for my PT certification begin.  I keep seeing a vision of my new career and I like the way it looks :)  
Happy running (or whatever your groove is)!  Next up Hollywood Half! 

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