Monday, August 19, 2013

July fun!

It's so big & shiny!
I totally was NOT planning on doing this race...but that medal!

My sister and her hubby and my adorable twin nieces arrived on July 5th for a visit! The plan was to go down to Legoland early on the 7th and spend 2 days at the park.  I reluctantly told all my friends it just wasn't happening.  I couldn't race in San Diego and then do Legoland right after! But, my new Weeple friend Linda assured me I could do it, they would make sure I got to Legoland after the race, now I just had to figure out how to get to the race.  Kevin (Guy Fieri) to the rescue! He picked me (I Dream of Jeannie) up at 2:45am on Sunday morning, we grabbed Erin (Supergirl) and headed south.  Another Weeple had our bibs and timing chips so we just had to get there a few minutes before the 6am start to get ourselves ready to go; Kevin drove fast I guess because I think we got there shortly after 5!  The race was fun.
After the race, we joined some fellow Spartan Racers for a wonderful brunch! 
 There were some really great, creative costumes, and the first several miles went by quickly just checking everyone's attire out. The course was an out and back with a few miles in the Qualcomm stadium lot at the end (feedback has already let to the announcement that will change next year-thank goodness because too much time in the parking lot at the end was my only complaint about the course)
I finally DID pass him!

Then Kevin dropped me at Legoland about the same time my husband and children were arriving!  Adrenaline (and a few cups of coffee at brunch) kept me going strong until about 4pm, then the exhaustion started to kick in.  Thankfully I remembered to stick an e+ shot in my bag and that did the trick! Easily handled the last couple hours at the park and didn't fall asleep in my plate at dinner; even got out to the jacuzzi to treat my running muscles!  We hit Legoland again on Monday; mostly the waterpark that day, and I felt great!  After our Legoland adventures we headed home and spent the next several days, cooking, eating, swimming, etc. with all our family members. The visit was as always too short and they headed back to Maui on the 18th.
Meanwhile, on the 14th I did the Shoreline Half in Ventura.  What a nice race! It was small, so parking was easy, nearby and FREE! Packet pickup was a breeze! I enjoyed the seaside route and despite my foot pain finished in my desired time of under 2:30. Still hoping for a sub 2 one day but can't train for it until the foot issue is completely resolved.   
Thursday the 18th I made it out to the Roadrunner Adventure Run...the months are running together in my mind, so can't recall if I ran it or if I volunteered for the Spartan Race booth, but either way I know I had fun!  
Saturday July 20th I checked out the first in the series for Hot and Dirty Mud Run out in Acton with my friend Janice, who I had not seen since we did the virtual challenge together back in April.  It was so nice to get together!  The course was a nice workout with a few really cool obstacles and a bit of mud.  Janice, along with Weeple Anthony, assisted me with my 1st rope climb and I got to the top (with their assistance) definitely need more practice on that!  The series has additional runs coming up on 9/14, 10/12 and 11/16 so be sure to check it out.  Easy $5 parking near the starting line and race day packet pickup. No shirt, but you do get a medal. Oh and the kids race! only $15. They run about a mile of the adult course on the same obstacles.  My son had a blast! 


 Wrapping up July, the boys and I did DRENCHED 5K.  It was a fun run with lots of bubbles and water and a giant slip n slide through the finish line.  A huge water balloon fight at the end of the run was definitely the highlight! That and since it was at the Science Center complex we had to visit our buddies at Figueroa Philly afterward for grub! BEST Cheesesteaks and best service in L.A. (and Mario told us about the secret menu for next time!

As for my news!!!!  I may have already mentioned, or maybe I forgot! I am an official member of the Spartan Race Street Team! That means I have my own special link that I can share and anyone who registers through that link can get 15% off a Spartan Race! AROO!  PLUS I was accepted as an ambassador for Obstacle Racing Media, and have a code (ORM15) for you to get $15 off  the Ruckus Run.  You HAVE to check out the site; the obstacles look amazing!  Both of those events are in December, so you have plenty of time to train to do one, or why not both?  I will be out there and would love to run with you!  The codes are also on my Facebook page Racing Mommy

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