Friday, August 16, 2013

June (no Gloom!)

June was amazing!  My friend Sue from High School had invited me to join her team for the Camp Pendleton Mud Run.  This was the original mud run and I had heard a lot about it over the years, way before I even dreamed I would be wanting to participate in one.  The weekend would consist of her picking me up Saturday morning, driving to Oceanside, going to a pre-race party, staying overnight in a hotel, ,then racing and driving back Sunday.  Unfortunately Sue and the rest of her team were unable to make it so Lisa, a Spartan Chick I met back in April when doing the DIYS/Hobie Call virtual OCR Challenge, was able to accompany me to the party, share the ride and the room as she was already registered for the race as well! We had a great time meeting the other runners from Sue's run club and gym the night before.  I even enjoyed a little relaxation and libation in the hot tub to loosen up for the next days run.  Lisa and I both got super brave and wore JUST our sports bras with our capris, a first for both of us at a race!
The run and obstacles were fun and there was a good amount of mud.  The food and drink/festival area after was also really nice.  I would love to bring the boys next year as it looked like there was a lot of fun activities for the kids. I took a lot of great pics of Lisa with the Marines too, and she took one of me with the largest American Flag I have ever seen!
  June 15th I was scheduled to do the SoCal Women's Wine Country Half Marathon in Temecula, once again thanks to winning the drawing over at Race Grader! Once again I made a new friend thanks to the power of the internet! I posted for anyone else running the race to see if they wanted to carpool or share a hotel closer to the venue and met the lovely Kristy! We had a great meal the night before with her boss and were able to sleep a litter later than if we had driven all the way to the venue that morning.  The parking and packet pickup was a breeze and despite a little mishap with the course marking early in the race, it was a gorgeous course and day! The shirts were pretty purple tech shirts, we got a wine glass and tasting, and a wine stopper medal.
We had pre-ordered food and unfortunately they didn't have the options advertised but they were able to make a vegetarian option for Kristy.  I enjoyed this race alot, but the best part was meeting a new friend. I look forward to racing with you again soon Kristy!
     I missed getting muddy! Living Social and KROQ kept taunting me!  I can't even tell you how many times I almost bought the voucher every time they emailed me but finally, I caved in and my friend Kevin and I headed down to Irvine Lake for Summer of Mud. Despite a little confusion with Kevin's registration and trepidation about sneaking into an earlier heat so we could run with some Weeples (an army of runners in CA and surrounding areas who are heavily represented at local events-my first run with them) we had the BEST time.  I met more new friends, Dannie (our photographer) Laura (1st time mud runner who we stuck with and helped through the course Weeple style) Linda, Susan and a couple more whose names escape me (sorry!)  Here are some great photos from that day: I have to thank Dannie again for being an awesome photographer and documenting my first successful monkey bar completion!

Completing the monkey bars was exciting, but that wasn't the news I was referring to in my last post.  This month I made it onto the Spartan Race Street Team! That means I get to volunteer hours at events, expos etc. to earn free race entries, AND I get this cool link to share with YOU that will get you 15% off any US Spartan Race!

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