Friday, August 16, 2013

Long Overdue update

Wow! I can't believe it has been 4 months since my last post!  Spring through Fall tend to be a bit busier with my business, and I have been doing quite a few races. That coupled with the kids home from school and family visiting have led to not a lot of time to update here.

First, I will recap some races, then get onto some 'news'.

     My first race after The Great Race of Agoura was the Hollywood Half Marathon.  I did enjoy it, but not t quite as much as last year. The course changed a bit to take out the big hill at the end, which I was a little disappointed about as in 2012 I was recently over pneumonia and I really wanted to tackle that hill 100% healthy and trained, but they did put in some nice hills over by the Silverlake reservoir which kept the course interesting and challenging.  I don't think there was as much entertainment on the course or runners in costume as last year either, but it was still a fun run and I will do it again next year. Because of the issue with soreness in my foot I didn't push training too hard, but did still manage to PR on the course with a time of 2:12:06.  I WILL eventually get that sub 2!  I like that the race is local, easy to get to on the metro so no hassles with paying for parking and traffic getting in and out.  An early start time of 6am is also great so you have your whole day after! Small expo (no beer) and great medal.
     Next up was a fun run with my friend Tina over at the Nike Store at The Grove in Los Angeles.  This was a free event (always nice!) and well organized. It started out with a free warm up with a Nike celebrity trainer and Olympic Medalist Shaun Johnson.  We did get a little lost so our fun 13.1 ended up more like 14 (and both of us were having foot pain like you wouldn't believe!), but we made it and they had a nice little goody bag, a shirt, and free food for us at the finish.

  On Cinco De Mayo I ran the O.C. Half Marathon for the final race in my Beach Cities Series!  Due to traffic and the longest shuttle line I have EVER seen I arrived after all the waves officially started (on the plus side, got to use the restroom-no lines- immediately before my start, which was awesome), but it was definitely the least exciting kick off to a race. When I started I still didn't know if I was going to go for a PR or not (darn foot issue still going on) so I was enjoying the scenery and my music and soon saw the 2:30 pace group. I was able to pass them and find my zone with the beautiful scenery and weather finish in 2:10:10 (my current PR!) There was a little bottlenecking in some parts of the course, so I might have been able to finish a tad sooner but I was thrilled with my time.
My foot was hurting a bit more post race than usual, but I quickly forgot about it as the post race party was one of my favorites. Wahoo's fish tacos, Dos Equiis (Cinco de Mayo all the way!) and a wonderfully terrible 80s cover band, and my awesome HUGE Beach Cities medal. Met a new friend and we chatted as we ate our tacos and drank our beers.  Plan on racing with him later this year! Hi Ron!  On my way home I stopped for gas and could NOT bear weight on my right foot, uh oh! So Monday off to the Dr. for X-rays.  Got crutches and meds (which helped immensely, only needed crutches for 2 days) and xray result came back negative for any fracture thank goodness! But the pain and swelling I had been dealing with since November was still there so waited on a referral for podiatry. was feeling good enough to run again so....

     Next up on 5/11 was the R.O.C. Race 5K down in Del Mar with my 13 year old son and my Spartan Race buddy Cristina and her friend Jake. What a FUN race! My only complaint was the way too long wait at the last few obstacles (I think we waited almost 45 minutes to get knocked into the water by the giant balls) so I would definitely sign up for an early wave if you are considering this one (and you should, it really was FUN!)
     I really enjoy the Xterra trail runs.  I had only done Boney Mountain (2x) and Topanga Turkey Trot (2x) so when I won an entry to the Malibu Creek Xterra from I was thrilled!  I chose the 6K distance (still hadn't seen the podiatrist so foot issue prevented me from going for the 21K) and I actually placed 3rd in my Age Group and got an award for the 1st time!

Well that's April and May....I'll try to recap the summer this weekend, and get to that exciting news I promised you!  In the meantime, be sure to check out my Facebook page for race discounts and follow me on Twitter!

Happy running!

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